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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Halloween & Christmas Creations 2014

I'm posting some of the fun projects I made from Halloween and Christmas.  A couple of my favorites are the player piano rolls, snowflake votive lights, and the "Looking out the window" ornaments.


Player Piano Roll

These player piano rolls are a perfect width, almost 12" so you can use your 12 x 12 scrapbook paper as a background without have to piece it in.  I love working with dimension, and for this one I built a platform that I mounted the house and trees to and then attached all that to the roll.  The fence wraps around the front edge of the platform.  I use hot glue, you really want stuff to stick.  Also, because these piano rolls are old and fragile, I cover the back, from the top to bottom of my layout, with packing tape.  The tape keeps it from tearing.  

I'm not a huge fan of scary Halloween stuff, hence the silly ghost.

Using the Sizzix XL Treat Popper Die I created all these different poppers.   The tops were made with Sizzix and Tim Holtz dies and shrink plastic.  I use Shrink plastic a lot with the dies to bring the image into better scale for some projects.

This is a fun little tin filled with Carmel Corn for a sweet sister I visit teach!  There's nothing like making little gifts for those you love and care about.  Friends and family are also a little less judgemental of my mistakes, I hope.

Fun Christmas Projects

The Snow Family

These were made with small jars I have been collecting, styrofoam balls and lots of fun bling and embellishments.  I love snowmen!

 I saw these Player piano rolls with Christmas music on them through Ebay and had to get them.  
This one, I bet you guessed, was "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer."  

Love the dimension you can get with these Christmas dies by Tim Holtz and Sizzix.  

Going to kit these if you are interested.

To see better detail, click on images.  Sorry I'm not a very good photographer.


 A few tins to fill with treats.  I get a lot of my old parts and pieces from the thrift stores.  Old ornaments and decorations I take apart and repurpose.  The little house below was a plastic ornament I cleaned up and glittered.  

This Cowboy Santa with legs that dangled sits perfectly on a decorated box.  
Just right for a Montana Christmas.

I used the Tim Holtz Picture Wheel die as the base.  I cut out two layers of chipboard added small Christmas pictures in the cutouts and then filled them with crackle medium.  Gave the base an aged, vintage look.

Using the Tim Holtz Window and pediment dies I created these boxed ornaments.  I filled the inside with altered trees and deer from other Sizzix dies.  The Sizzix strip die, Woodland Deer, has the deer I used but they have no faces.  I made a couple without faces and I couldn't stand it so I had to draw them on.  I'm by no means an artist but faces with red noses definitely look better.  Gives them a little personality.

For a Christmas get together, some of my best buds came over and we all made one of these for our trees.  Each of the deer faces had their own unique look.  

Love those girl times!

Here's inside the box before the window was put on.  Just missing the added snow.

For these, cut two lanterns out of chipboard, decorated them, put them back to back and you've got a super cute, vintage Christmas ornament.  I love this die.

Another new Sizzix die I cut from chipboard and covered with silver leaf.  
The joy is red glitter.

A lot of these have price tags on them because I sold them at a few different shows.  
Sold every one of them.  
It's the only way I can justify the time and money I spend on all this stuff to my husband.

This fun ornament is made with vintage music paper and an old metal light reflector.

I started this configuration box last year, totally copying parts of it from one I saw online.  This year I completed the rest with new ideas of my own and some of Tim's new dies.

Another fun Christmas tin with a winter scene on top.  The snow I used on this and the configuration box I made from equal parts of shaving cream and Elmers glue.  First refrigerate them both over night, (very important, don't skip this part), then mix equal parts (I just eyeball it), stir it well and spread on.  I usually sprinkle glitter on top while it's wet.  It then dries perfect snow and smells great.

Votive made from vintage paper and lace and an old jar covered with decoupage medium and then Tim's crackle medium.  A great way to make an old bottle/jar look vintage.  Also when you light it from inside, it has a lovely glow to it.

Using new and old Snowflake dies, I had a blast making these night lights.  The base is simply a wooden plaque from Michaels with feet added and then painted.  A little blurry, sorry.  I had to show you how pretty they are lit up at night.

The base of this one was a gold decorative dish I found at the thrift store.  I painted it and added the feet.  I love how the lantern sits down inside of it.  Wish I could find more.  Had to distress it up a bit.

These really look pretty lit up at night.

Merry Christmas!